A year ago I found myself with some free time around the holidays which was the perfect opportunity for tinkering with Nix and cargo. What started out as a weekend learning project shaped up so nicely that I decided to share it with the world, and here we are a year later.

Since then we've seen:

  • 89 pull requests
  • 17 releases
  • 300+ GitHub stars
  • Support for auditing dependencies via cargo-audit
  • Support for running tests via cargo-nextest
  • Improved source filtering to maximize artifact caching
  • Improved performance when removing references to source files
  • Improved performance when compressing cargo artifacts

A big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to report issues, offer suggestions for improvement, and submit pull requests!

Of course no birthday celebration would be complete without presents: I'm pleased to announce crane.dev, the home for all Crane related documentation! I hope for it to grow over time and become a great source of comprehensive tips, tricks, and troubleshooting guides.

The documentation can always use more improvement, so please feel free to open a pull request with improvements!